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    I am a Personal & Fashion Stylist, based in The Hague - Netherlands, but working with clients all over the world. Ever since I can remember, I was always eager to know about outfits. And how clothes can enhance one's personality, body, or disposition. Or about what's fashionable. At the same time, ever since a child, I have always been passionate about various form of expression, arts, colors, and how they fit together to create something harmonious. I was formed at the Performing Arts Academy, and in my early youth I performed as a professional ballet dancer. Later on, I worked for years in the visual merchandising areas for various retail fashion brands. In more recent years, encouraged by my friends and family who have always said that I have a natural talent for this, I concentrated in the fashion industry on the personal and fashion styling skills. I am trained and certified at fashion schools, and I have around a decade of experience in working directly with people and helping them find what suits them best in terms of "style", be it in their personal lives or for professional reasons. Welcome to my world, and if you feel like getting in touch, don't hesitate to contact me.


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